Albania's PM plans to upgrade Port of Durres customs

27/01/2014 - 00:47

Durres 27 January 2014 - Albania's Prime Rama conducted another unannounced inspection of Customs Durres. The Prime Minister, accompanied by the Director General of Customs Elisa Spiropali without closely unacceptable conditions in which they served Albanian and foreign businesses in two tin kiosks. Customs Durres is one of the most important customs in the country regarding the weight that it carries revenues for the state budget.

Customs Director General expressed concern about the conditions in which subjects served. "Imagine a business that comes to perform a procedure in such an office. Meanwhile, the customs of Durres and Tirana constitute 70% of the total revenue collected customs system. Customs system itself collects 60% of the state budget ", said Spiropali. 

"Torture, torture, torture! All those who come here, bring commodity and ... Terrible! Understanding what you can ask entrepreneurship? Understanding what you can ask all those who import, all of them coming? Understanding what you can ask for this situation? Absolutely, should be introduced urgently precedence and plans to transform this year, by any means and at any price, "said Prime Minister Rama. 

Container sector this year has processed about 980 thousand tons of cargo. For Prime Rama "This embarrassing for the state and for business needs and torture will end with a new project for Customs Durres." Government. Business News Correspondent

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