Welcome to Durrës, the second city of Albania, the largest port in the country!

Founded around 627 B.C. the city nowadays lies on the ancient ruins of Epidamnus.

Archaeological and historical sites of Durrës that must be visited.


Traditional Albanian dishes are not only liked by us, but find some… foreign tourists like them too!

Starting from the multitude of salads, seafood, pastries, risottos and traditional dishes based on meat or fish, the selection becomes difficult.


The number of foreign tourists just marked a new standard in numbers and we must respond with the same standard in hospitality. But what are those hotels in Durrës that offer a different standard and quality?

Night life

The nightlife in Durrës has been diverse in recent years.

With the sea, fantastic climate, history and lively nightlife, the city is ready to host a long tourist season.

Coast and beaches

Thanks to the soft sand and warm sea that lasts from May to September, as well as the many activities and restaurants that are open throughout the year, the beaches of Durrës are some of the most frequented in Albania.

Social and Cultural Life

Spending your vacation in the coastal city is truly amazing, as Durrës offers you all the conditions and its endless resources.

It rarely happens that in a small geographical space all these natural elements can be found that transform the country into an earthly paradise.

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